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10 Tips For The Best Last Minute Travel Deals

10 Tips For The Best Last Minute Travel Deals

Traveling at the last minute usually means paying high prices because discounts are typically reserved for people who can plan ahead and wait for sales or the prices to go down. However, there are ways that you can get a great deal, even if you waited until the last minute to book your trip. While


Zehn unersetzliche Helfer in der Küche

  Teure Pfannen und Profi-Kochtöpfe reichen heutzutage in der Küche nicht mehr aus. Ohne die neuesten Gerätschaften kann der moderne Hobbykoch weder ein Mahl wie für den Gault Millau noch Wein wie ein Sommelier servieren und gleichzeitig im Kochvergnügen schwelgen. Sie haben bisher ohne Ihr iPhone gekocht? Das wird sich ändern! Alles von der Gartemperatur

15 Family Photo Fails

Everyone loves taking family pictures – something for posterity! But sometimes, things go terribly, terribly wrong… 1 Let’s All Jump!   Everyone jump! someone said, but sadly, the little girl didn’t get the message.


Building a Kitchen Garden

Have you ever thought how nice it would be for your children to work in the garden, without having to start a major cleaning operation afterwards? How tasty fresh vegetables are that you watched grow and harvested yourself, instead of taking the least squished ones off a supermarket shelf? This can become reality quickly and

All-Natural Cleaning Supplies

Do you not like using chemical cleaners because they irritate your airways or because you simply care about the environment? We have collected recipes for cleaning solutions that are all natural and work at least as well as their chemical counterparts! To make an all-purpose cleaner, mix ¼ cup baking soda and ½ cup vinegar


How To Stay Out Of Debt Permanently

Debt is an everyday issue nowadays. The average American family has $8000 in credit card debt. If you want to pay off your debt and stay out of debt, there are a few simple rules you can follow.